Introductory Post

This blog is dedicated to the nonprofit community, volunteers and entrepreneurs alike! I have a few topics and questions I want to cover. The topics are leaders, accountability and strategic planning First,  WHAT IS A LEADER? and WHAT ARE THE QUALITIES OF A LEADER? A leader is someone who takes command of an organization and leads people. Specifically, in a non-profit a leader would be the board members and executives. These people are responsible to uphold the mission of the organization which is everything the organization stands for. Some qualities of a leader, specifically a leader of a non-profit, would be dependable, kind, forward-minded and inspiring. These qualities will help push the non-profit to new heights and reach new depths. Next WHY IS ACCOUNTABILITY IMPORTANT? There is a huge trust between the public and the non-profits. People give their money to support these organizations and in return they expect them to follow through on their specific mission. Finally, WHAT IS STRATEGIC PLANNING? Strategic planning helps clarify the organizations mission and upholds the integrity of the organization. Planning requires time and a commitment from the organization. They needs leaders that have passion for the organization and people how are willing to follow through on the promises of the organization. This is where strategic planning comes in. Without planning and making decision on the organizations policies and set concert answers to real questions people will have then your whole organization stands a chance of failing.


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